Healthcare & Hospitals

Enterprise_NA_Healthcare_MC40-HC_Patient_Transport_D3X3121_Jim_LennonMobile connectivity is proving to be the key component in creating a platform for success in the healthcare industry. Now more than ever, hospital facilities are tasked with streamlining operations and increasing productivity while continuing to provide outstanding patient care. With dedicated healthcare communications specialists, Seamless Mobility offers complete end-to-end hardware and software solutions guaranteed to maximize workforce productivity and deliver measurable cost savings…not to mention peace of mind.

From networks and connectivity to mobile computing devices and security, Seamless Mobility understands the challenges facing healthcare providers and workers today, and has built a special portfolio of solutions to create a reliable and effective environment that’s wireless, cost-effective and HIPPA-compliant.

Within that portfolio is the line of rugged laptops and tablets, some HIPAA certified, that allow workers to move from patient-to-patient, accessing records and sending critical information while expediting patient care and attention. These computers are built to withstand drops and spills and can be sanitized with a number of hospital-certified disinfectants.

Real-time access to critical medical data is must in healthcare, and Seamless Mobility Solutions offers the best in reliable, non-stop coverage with Motorola Wing 5 Wireless LAN Solutions and Net-Motion Mobility XE mobile VPN. Dial-up connections, paper-based systems and time-consuming administrative tasks are replaced with instant-access to patient records, updated files and improved billing accuracy with Mobility XE. Results are evident in additional time available for devotion to medical care and cost savings with the elimination of the manual paper trail system.

NE_EM_HLT_ScanningPatient security is also paramount, especially when moving critical private information from paper to electronic. Check Point Full Disk Encryption is the industry leader in data protection offering a comprehensive solution that is install and use and even ties in effortlessly with a customer’s current IT infrastructure.

Havis, IBM and Alcatel-Lucent round out our portfolio of the best in health-care mobility solutions.

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