Panasonic’s Rugged “Go-Anywhere” Tablet

Introducing the lightest-fully rugged mobile computer Panasonic has ever built — designed for professionals.

Imagine all the power and toughness of Toughpad™ in a pocket-sized version. The 7-inch JT-B1 Android™ 4.0-powered Toughpad gives mobile workers all the integrated features and options they require in a tablet that goes anywhere business takes them. It’s the ultra-mobile, ultra-convenient tablet computer that literally puts the world in the palm of your hand.

Whether it’s atop an off-shore oil rig, climbing around a construction site or performing maintenance at a plant, the easy-to-carry, easy-to-see JT-B1 -with its daylight-readable display – makes getting the job done quicker and easier.  View spec sheet.

Quick Features:

[icon_check]High Capacity User-replaceable Battery
[icon_check]7″ Daylight readable 4-point Multi Touch Screen
[icon_check]MIL-STD-810G, 5ft Drop and All Weather IP65 Dust and Water-resistant Design
[icon_check]Dedicated GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and optional 4G LTE
[icon_check]Micro-USB Port and MicroSD Card Slot
[icon_check]3 Year Warranty with Business Class Support

Panasonic is Fearless.  Watch the videos.

Defending Your Virtual Turf

It’s no surprise to anyone who pays attention to the news that security breaches are becoming more frequent and the exposure to your business much greater. In 2013, LivingSocial and Evernote both experienced data breaches of greater than 50 million records while Target had exposure of some 110 million records, and Adobe has a data breach that is reported to have netted 150 million records. This really illustrates the vulnerabilities of IT systems; even some of the best known and best funded companies struggle to keep data secure. It also is a reminder to all of us that we need to remain ever vigilant in protecting the data of our customers and of our own business.

Maintaining reasonable and responsible security of data should be a top priority of every business entity and every IT professional. In part that means we need to understand the types of threats we are vulnerable to. Are we vulnerable to physical security threats (does our data physically walk out the door?), network security threats, or possibly wireless security threats? It also means we need to know that we are making reasonable and responsible decisions to mitigate the security risks we have. What have we done to secure our data assets from those threats? Have we maximized the amount of security we have based on our budget? Are we keeping our security systems up to date?

A few of the best things we can do to make sure that data we have is secured is to utilize high quality firewall devices. Vendors like Check Point Software Technologies give everyone access to top of the line security features through firewall appliances, or virtualized systems. On top of world class firewall capabilities, these robust solutions greatly reduce the vulnerabilities by offering vital protections like:
[check_list][icon_check]Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
[icon_check]Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
[icon_check]Anti-Spam & Email Security[/check_list]

Making sure that you have a quality firewall that is properly configured and regularly updated should be a top priority of every business.

With the proliferation of wireless networks, it’s also imperative that we keep minimize the threat of rogue wireless devices. 165666037Motorola AirDefense is the prefect platform to help manage the threat posed by the rapid expansion of wireless infrastructure. AirDefense monitors all 802.11 traffic to provide complete protection against threats while offering policy and compliance monitoring. AirDefense can perform Wireless Vulnerability Assessments, Rogue Device Mitigation, Forensic Analysis, as well as Comprehensive Intrusion Prevention.

Seamless Mobility Solutions designs, supports and implements IT solutions using industry leading vendors such as Check Point, Motorola, and others. Our team of experts can help you maintain a secure infrastructure that is flexible, robust, and delivers ROI to your organization. In addition we offer remote and on-site support for organizations of any size

A Connected Teacher Saves Lives


A communications lifeline between each other, to emergency personnel and law enforcement in the event of a school disturbance or incident. (watch video)
[icon_check]Enable a One-to-One Interface: Two-way, teacher-to-teacher communications allowing direct contact from classroom to classroom for school violence intervention
[icon_check]Enable Your Reach: Teacher-to-faculty communications for emergency alerts across campus to principals and school security
[icon_check]An Immediate Connection: Teacher-to-emergency personnel communications directly to 911 dispatch, police and fire authorities in the most extreme circumstances
[icon_check]Educators need a practical, advanced and convenience solutions for seamless communication without compromising education or risking their students’ welfare.

We provide technology at the head of its class. Introducing the SafetyBadge, exclusively from Motorola Solutions. It’s smart, wearable, easy to deploy and utilizes new or existing WLAN networks and managed services. Nearly turnkey.

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